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Lax4Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that aims to connect communities through our love of lacrosse. Our mission is to help more players and their families experience the game by reducing economic barriers and supporting the growth of local youth and high school lacrosse in Georgia with low-cost equipment rentals, player scholarships and program grants.

Lax4Community was established by principals of the national travel lacrosse powerhouse ThunderLB3 and the Andrew Oswald Memorial Fund (AJO4LAX). Members of Lax4Community's Board of Directors are veteran leaders with roles in corporate, entrepreneurial and nonprofit companies, in addition to being extensively involved in the lacrosse community. Executive board members include Jennifer Daniels, Chris Kelly and Kathleen Oswald. In addition, Keagan Devereaux, player on the inaugural Thunder Lacrosse team in 2007, is serving as Lax4Community’s Executive Director of Operations.


"We launched Lax4Community because we wanted more families to experience the same sense of community and lifelong connections that our families have experienced as players, parents, coaches and volunteers with thriving youth and high school lacrosse programs,” said Jennifer Daniels, Board Chair of Lax4Community.


Board Member Kathleen Oswald added, “Just a single season of lacrosse with its equipment requirements can create a significant financial burden for many families. Plus, several areas in and around Atlanta still lack experienced coaches and volunteers, making it difficult for new youth lacrosse programs to thrive for the long-term. Lax4Community aims to address both these challenges through cost-effective equipment rentals, as well as youth and high school program grants and support services.”


“There is no other sport that brings people closer,” said Chris Kelly, Board Member. “That’s what Lax4Community is all about… connecting more lacrosse players, families and communities through our shared love of the game."


From 2007 through 2019, AJO4LAX served the Georgia lacrosse community by encouraging teens to make good choices, as well as bringing new families to the sport with cost effective equipment rentals. Dedicated to the memory of Pope HS attackman Andrew Oswald, the fund also supported players through college scholarships and lacrosse program grants. The “4” in Lax4Community honors both the legacy of community created by AJO4LAX and the love of the game inspired by Andrew Oswald, who wore jersey #4.


In May 2019, Lax4Community assumed the operations of AJO4LAX’s equipment rental program. Proceeds from Lax4Community’s equipment rental program and fundraising events support the growth of youth and high school lacrosse in Georgia through program grants and support services, as well as individual player scholarships towards lacrosse program participation fees.

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